Friday, October 23, 2009

Bushisms Continue: In Montreal Bush Regrets that "Mission Impossible" Banner

Effigies were burning and shoes were flying in Montreal while George W. Bush was speaking, sort of, inside the posh Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel. The miserable failure of a president told the Canadians that he did not sell his soul and that he regretted standing in front of that "Mission Impossible" banner.

Actually that infamous banner read: "Mission Accomplished."

Vancouver Sun:

MONTREAL — About 300 protesters outside a downtown hotel blew plastic horns, tossed shoes and burned George W. Bush in effigy Thursday as the former U.S. president spoke to a luncheon of the Montreal Board of Trade. Facing the crowd were dozens of Montreal police tactical squad members and while there was plenty of noise, there were only five arrests and no injuries. . . Joan Hadrill of the Raging Grannies said she was on the street because Bush was "an alleged war criminal for his invasion of Iraq and torturing prisoners of war."