Sunday, October 25, 2009

Boys Club in the White House

The Times has yet more news about the depressingly 1950s style boys' club in the White House. So what else is new? The White House has always been a boys' club. But in 2009, at a minimum, half the people in the White House should be women -- excluding housekeepers and baby-sitters.

A cabinet that is 75 percent male does not remotely resemble progress. Throw in a president who spends his leisure time networking with the boys and you have a president who has a woman problem.

[Obama] presides over a White House rife with fist-bumping young men who call each other “dude” and testosterone-brimming personalities like Rahm Emanuel, the often-profane chief of staff; Lawrence Summers, the brash economic adviser; and Robert Gibbs, the press secretary, who habitually speaks in sports metaphors.

Obama's Boys Club