Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Brutal School Bus Beating Caught On Tape: Lord of the Effing Male Flies (Video)

I hope people are keeping their children off school buses. The school bus driver did nothing. But do school bus drivers get hazard pay? Getting on that bus looks like a death-defying hazard to me. Based on his viewing of the tape, Police Captain Don Sax initially said that the barbaric display of violence was racially motivated. Sax has since had second thoughts, and now says, "it may not be racially motivated."

The male police captain forgot to mention that the violence has something to do with gender, or with male socialization.

Like the police, media accounts highlight the race of the brutal assailants and the victim but say not a word about that famously violent gender. Nearly all violent crime is committed by males. Ninety-three percent of the US prison population is male. One might think that a serious effort to reduce violence would require studying or paying attention to the gendered nature of violence. But no, we pay attention to the what tribe the males belong to. In this typical news story, "white" appears 2 times and "black" appears 4 times, but don't even bother looking for the terms, "male," "men" or "boys" or the problem of socializing males to be brutes!