Saturday, August 08, 2009

Rahm Tells “F–king Stupid” Liberals to Leave Blue Dogs Alone

Rahm Emanuel wants the leaders of liberal organizations to leave the Blue Dog Dems alone:

Sources at the meeting tell me that Emanuel went on a tirade against the Dem-versus-Dem attacks, calling them “f–king stupid.” This was a direct attack on some of the attendees in the room, who are running ads against Dems right now.

Presumably the Blue Dogs are free to screw America by mutilating all hope of real health care reform while the liberal infrastructure that helped usher in the Democratic Admininstration is now good for nothing but taking orders.

The “f-king stupid” liberals at the meeting included leaders from Rock the Vote, the unions, the LCCR, the Sierra Club, HCAN, Bob Creamer of Americans United for Change, CAP, Media Matters, MoveOn, Campaign for America's Future, etc.

Blue Dogs have been bought and paid for by Big Pharma and the insurance industry. Thus, barring a miracle, we can forget about real health care reform -- this time around -- but at least we have the kind of liberal infrastructure that can make the upcoming elections into a living nightmare from hell for conservative Dems. Weeding out the Blue Dogs appears to be the only hope of getting anything approaching single payer. Paul Wellstone called this growing the Democratic wing of the Democratic party. You could also call it revenge.