Tuesday, August 04, 2009

In Defense of Women

The following is a much needed letter to the editor at the New York Times from Diane Elayne Dees -- TGW commentor and blogger over at the really cool feminist tennis blog, Women Who Serve:

To the editor:

Every day, women are assaulted by sexist and misogynistic statements made by government officials, pop culture figures and members of the news media. They all hurt, but sometimes, one is so startling, it stands out. That would be the statement made by Colette Burson, co-creator of HBO's "Hung." Says Burson in Alex Witchel's "Anne Heche Is Playing It Normal Now": "We auditioned a lot of people. It is incredibly difficult to find beautiful, talented, funny women over 35."

Really? The moment I saw this mind-boggling statement, I thought of a dozen women--just like that--without even taxing my brain. Burson's statement insults all of them, and all women.

Diane Elayne Dees

Update: Colette Burson has clarified her remark - thankfully! -- In terms the quote: it is such a shame that I was either too tired to express myself correctly on the issue or part of my quote was left out because it is something that I think about a lot and I actually consider myself a warrior on front lines of this issue. It’s something I am actively involved in on a daily basis in a way that most people are not. Nevertheless I do think that the part that I would have added or the part I hope I did add was that it is difficult to find an actress over 35 or over 40 who is funny and talented and is still working and has not quit the business.

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