Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sexism, Racism & Irony on the Morning Male, um, Morning Joe Show (Video)

On Racism: This morning Mika and her all male panel had a lengthy discussion about lunatic Glen Beck’s absurd charge that Obama is a racist. The all male panel concluded that calling someone "racist" is a conversation stopper and people, both black and white, should stop it already. Mika didn’t talk much but she thoroughly agreed with everything the men said.

The last person speaking was an African American male. Sorry, I’ve forgotten his name. Maybe it’s sexist of me, but sometimes all the male faces look the same. But I digress.

At the end of his remarks, Mika dismissed the African-American male pundit with a word that white men and their followers have, for centuries, used to humiliate and demean black men.

Mika said to the black man: “Atta boy!

On Sexism: Once again, Mika and her all male panel discussed the many things wrong with Sarah Palin. She’s too stupid to be taken seriously, she’s ignorant, she’s a flake, she’s a waste of time, the testy all male panel went on and on and on . . .

Mika didn't say much, but that's not her job. Mika's job is to make it appear that the Morning Joe Show is not the Morning Male Show.

The haughty Lawrence O’Donnell Jr. dismissed the charge that Palin has faced sexism with the counter charge that McCain was sexist when he chose Sarah Palin since he was obviously going after the “sexist female” vote. Because sexism is not a panel of men discussing the stupidity of women. Because sexism is not an insufferably dominating male media. Because, in a country that holds an international rank of #72 in the number of women elected to office, sexism is women voting for their gender!

The video clip below is from a couple of days ago, some of the faces on Mika’s testosterone-laden all male panel have changed, but the words are mostly the same.

She's a demagogue! She's ignorant! She's a flake!