Sunday, July 05, 2009

Palin Sexism Watch: CNN's Rick Sanchez Has Biology on His Mind (Video)

Like Andrew Sullivan, Rick Sanchez has Sarah Palin's body on his mind. The CNN anchor suggests that Sarah Palin resigned her governorship because she is pregnant. Because women can't chew gum and walk at the same time.

Since the beginning of patriarchy, the idea that women can't hold important jobs because of biology has served as the number one justification for keeping women at home or stuck in menial poverty-wage jobs. Never mind that this absurd suggestion defies everything we know about Sarah Palin.

Only a few short decades ago, women were openly fired for the crime of being pregnant in public. If Sarah Palin was actually pregnant, the sicko jokes about pregnant women that would ensue would naturally be Sarah's fault because she would be exploiting her unborn babe by walking around in public while pregnant. (And sicko Andrew Sullivan still can't fathom why Sarah Palin kept her last pregnancy a secret.) Or in the absurd words of patrarichy-defender Josh Marshall, Sarah Palin would be using her unborn babe "to garner more publicity and keep herself in the spotlight."