Sunday, July 12, 2009

Eugene Robinson: Sarah Palin Tricks the Menz Into Being Sexist!

Sarah Palin is so smart that the Evil Witch tricks media pundits and politicos into being elitist sexist jerks. What a woman!

Eugene Robinson:

The thing is, Palin's unsuitability for high public office has been obvious all along. Tina Fey got it right; the rest of us were far too reluctant to state plainly that the emperor, or empress, has no clothes.

There are basically two reasons the political class and the commentariat continue to speak and write about Palin as if she were a substantial figure whose presence on the national stage is anything but a cruel, unfunny joke. The first is fear—not of Palin and her know-nothing legions, but of being painted as elitist and sexist.

From the beginning, Palin has been a master at maneuvering her critics into this trap.

Obviously, Hillary must also be an Evil Witch. The menz have always been helpless before the power of Evil Witches like Hillary and Sarah.

And Eugene Robinson got his Pulitzer Prize exactly how?