Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Check Out Obama's Plan for Gay Rights

Marc Ambinder found the Fierce Advocate's plan and alludes to the real news behind the much hallowed news about the federal benefits crumbs that Obama is planning to bestow upon gays and lesbians. The very same benefits are already in place at a number of federal agencies! Hillary Rodham Clinton implemented the policy at State a couple of weeks ago. More on this below.

From John Aravosis:

The President will reportedly say tonight that he opposes DOMA. He's not going to oppose the law however, he's going to keep defending it in court. But in his heart he opposes it. Aw thanks.

Is Obama giving federal agencies a right they already have?

The answer is "yes." I just asked OPM Director John Berry, on a White House media conference call, whether in fact federal agencies already have the right to give these benefits to gay employees. The answer, "yes." So what's new about tonight? Obama is going to "tell" the agencies to give the benefits - as if any agency in the Obama administration would dare tell a gay employee no to a request for time off to attend their partner's funeral?

President Obama Betrays the Gay Community:

The president would like us to believe that he's awfully busy being president, and if we only wait a little while longer, we'll get our rights. Of course, the president isn't too busy to stab the community in the back by continuing the military discharges, defending DOMA, and comparing us to pedophiles. (On Wednesday, White House spokesperson Robert Gibbs was given a chance to repudiate the DOMA brief's language about incest and pedophilia and would not.) . . . Many of us were willing to cut our new president some slack. Not anymore.

Pam's House Blend:

This afternoon at 5:45 EST, Obama will present The Memo to expand minor benefits for LGBT federal employees. The pre-memo fact sheet is an exercise in low expectations. It tells us that Obama is not going to make change by changing any laws. In fact, the fact sheet states twice that Obama has been scrounging for crumbs for us with the stipulation that they are already... within the confines of existing laws and statutes.