Monday, May 25, 2009

Sens. Boxer & Snowe to Obama: Put A Woman on the Supreme Court (Video)

Obama is expected to announce his Supreme Court pick this week, and it may come as early as Tuesday. While I am certain that he will choose a woman, there are plenty of naysayers. Thank the goddess for Barbara Boxer. After all the sickening reports of sweetly feminine spineless women telling Obama that he doesn't have to appoint a woman to the Supreme Court, Barbara Boxer is a sorely needed feminist voice in the wilderness. In the video clip below, Senator Boxer points out that American women are "grossly under-represented." If this is a democracy, that matters. If this is a country that even pretends to be a democracy, President Obama will appoint a woman.

Sens. Boxer (D-CA) and Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) wrote a letter to Obama urging him to appoint a woman and reminding him that: Women make up 51% of our nation's population. Yet only 17% of the seats in Congress are held by women. Only 3% of corporate CEOs are women. And just one out of nine Supreme Court justices is a woman. When 96 percent of all Supreme Court Justices throughout our history have been men, clearly it is evident that we need another woman on the Court. When asked recently how it felt to be the only woman on the Supreme Court, Justice Ginsburg simply replied, "Lonely."