Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rachel Alexandra Beats the Boy Horses

I guess you heard about the girl horse who created a sensation by beating all the boy horses in a race called the Preakness. Her name is Rachel Alexandra.

Rachel Alexandra is the first filly to win the Preakness in 85 years. "The previous filly to win the Preakness was Nellie Morse in 1924."

I don't know anything about horse races. I do, however, know something about the custom of keeping girls out of the competition. Even in kindergarten, girl and boy humans are segregated for races on the playground because the most humiliating thing that can happen to a boy in a male supremacist culture is for a boy to lose to a girl. Oh, but that sort of bias could never happen on the racetrack.

In the week leading up to the race, the connections of Mine That Bird got busted for trying to collude with other owners to keep the filly from the starting gate. We now know why.

Preakness 2009: And the Filly Did It!