Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Anita Bryant II Keeps Miss California Crown, Says Donald

Little dictator and attention-whore Donald Trump decrees that Carrie Prejean is not going anywhere. Anita Bryant II will continue her role as Miss California. Donald says lying is no big deal. Preaching about the virtue of discrimination is fine and dandy.

The homophobes won this one.

Donald is seriously underestimating the coming backlash.

I'll post the video when it becomes available.

Update: Meanwhile, if Ms. Prejean wants to speak publicly about same-sex marriage in the future, she will have to go through the Miss California USA pageant officials to discuss the platform where she will speak and how she will present her opinion. “We’re not changing our rules for Carrie,” Keith Lewis, a co-executive director of the California pageant, said in an interview. “We’re bringing her back into compliance with her contract; every appearance is approved by us, every statement is a reflection of us.”

Donald Trump Press Conference