Saturday, December 06, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys: Obama Speechwriter Groping a Cut-out of Michelle (Photo)

To all the naysayers who argue that boys will be boys and Obama's head speech writer Jon Favreau is just having fun with his "little joke" about sexual assault and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton: Is it still a harmless joke when the object is the wife of Barack Obama? Or is it suddenly a horribly offensive act because now it harms Obama? (see original photo at Facebook.) (Favreau's facebook page here.)

Or in the words of Murphy, who created this educational photoshop:

"Two young men sexually assaulting a woman--grabbing her by the hair, forcing a beer bottle into her mouth, and groping her breast--still think it's funny?"

The lefty blogs are full of apologists for Obama’s frat boy speech writer. To many on the left it’s just not a big deal to see Obama’s chief speech writer making a joke out of the degradation and sexualization of women. I mean, what are girls and women for other than fucking?

Comments span the range of timeless excuses for bad behavior like “boys will be boys” and "they’re only having fun" to low intelligence missives like this one from local Homeless Guy, Kevin:

[I]t's just you "ladies" here are upset that these young guys actually find Hilary to be sexually attractive - and that just kills you, because you aren't.

That’s right, Kevin. Girls and women don’t know if we are attractive unless we are threatened with being groped and sexually assaulted. Those of us who have attended junior high have heard this one before. If we are so lucky as to get 2 men to joke about grabbing us by the hair and pouring beer down our throat, while groping our breasts and kissing us, well, then we know we are somebody.

The funny part is, I know Kevin and he is no “hottie.” But misogyny rules in this male dominated cowboy nation, and so, creepy Kevin has plenty of company.

At the Washington Post: That stupid hen Hillary would be lucky if any man actually wanted to touch her awful body. -- Berghead, 8:55 AM

Most of you commenters need to realize that what he did was a compliment to Hillary. Mostly people think that she is some old hag/dike. To have your picture felt up is a indication that you are at least do-able with beer goggles on. -- boogers_megee, 12:34 AM

Are most of you just elderly prudes? Your underwear is too tight. Go drink a couple of beers and chill out. Idiots. -- jstric2608, 3:20 AM

Hillary should be flattered that a good looking 27 year old is grabbing her boob in a cutout. Get over it folks, this is the 21st century and the younger generation isn't as anal. -- dogsbestfriend, 1:21 AM

And at Democratic Underground: I'm all for rough vetting, but this is trivia. A couple guys posing for a funny photo. I know people who've posed for similarly silly photos with a cardboard Obama. -- TheWraith (1000+ posts)

I just thought of a way Hillary can pay off her debts... -- Bornaginhooligan (1000+ posts)

And then there is this sad thought from anaf: Remember folks, this is Obama's HEAD Speech Writer. He is actually the one you are listening to when BHO speaks his words . . Hahahahahaha!!!!

Or, as Sarah says at Jon Favreau's Facebook page: [P]lease consider that many women across the nation suffer from sexual harassment daily and often feel silenced because they are not in a position of authority, or do not know what to do. Just as it is important for men and women to have equal pay for equal work, so, too, is it important to have equal respect. If Favreau remains a key figure in Obama's administration (he is quite literally responsible for the words that come out of our esteemed president-elect's mouth!), imagine the message this sends to people who perpetrate sexual harassment in the workplace and their victims.

Update: More "funny" photos: Jon Favreau gropes Rachel Maddow. Obama thought this one was so funny! And these are a riot: “Does it Offend you Now?” (Thanks dakinikat!) Jon Favreau's Facebook Page
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