Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Nashville Presidential Media Scripted Debate, Nader Protesters, PETA, etc.

C-SPAN is live-streaming the debate. The camera is on now if you want to see the debate hall fill up.

Contrary to previous reports, it appears that there will be follow-up questions, but only Tom Brokaw will be allowed to ask them.

And how weird is the rule about no camera shots allowed of the town hall questioners after they ask their question? Presumably, that's in case they scowl or look unhappy with the candidate's answers. Wouldn't want anyone to see that! Oh, and in case they want to groan or ask a follow-up question, their mics will be turned off as soon as the question leaves their lips. Democracy at work!

The audience of about 80 people, chosen by the independent Gallup Organization, breaks down this way: One third is undecided, one third is leaning toward Mr. Obama, and one third is leaning toward Mr. McCain. They wrote out their questions in advance and handed them to Mr. Brokaw, who will select the ones to be used tonight and will call on the audience member to put their question to the candidates. Millions of questions were also submitted over a Web site run by the non-partisan Commission on Presidential Debates.

Katharine Q. Seelye reminds us that McCain is expected to engage in some serious attacks in an effort to halt his slide in the polls. He will likely attempt to portray Obama as too liberal to be president. If only that were true!

Nashville's Mayor says
the debate could cost tax-payers more than 500k.

Let Nader Debate Protesters: About a dozen Ralph Nader supporters/protesters have been spotted.

PETA is in town for the debate and circling Belmont in a convertible with a giant pink pig in tow! PETA is calling for a tax on meat as a measure to counter global warming.

It's hard to be mean at a Town Hall debate!

McCain buzzes around town, tying up traffic everywhere he goes

She'll show you: Town hall participant threatens to vote for Nader:
Her name is Laura Clifford. Watch for her!

Ralph Nader will be streaming live his comments on the Obama/McCain debate. Ralph will answer your questions. E-mail your question now to yourquestion@votenader.org.

At 11:00 p.m. EST, click here to watch Ralph Nader live.

Obama photo via Sean
Straight Talk bus on Church Street photo via Kleinheider