Friday, September 26, 2008

MSNBC’s “Aging, White Male Divas”

Quote of the Year

"[Rachel Maddow's] program adds a good-humored female face to a cable news channel whose prime time is dominated by unruly, often squabbling schoolboys; Ms. Maddow’s deep, modulated voice is reassuringly calm after so much shrill emotionalism and catfights among the channel’s aging, white male divas."
The quotation about the "squabbling schoolboys" on the cable news channel infamous for its misogyny is from Alessandra Stanley's mostly positive review of MSNBC's “The Rachel Maddow Show” -- A Fresh Female Face Amid Cable Schoolboys.

Calm women instead of perpetually bickering male divas? If only we could halt the mind-numbing noise of perpetual schoolboy fighting that this culture has become by replacing some or most of the bickering male divas in charge of everything with calm women, then problems we've lived with my entire life might actually get solved.

Really people, the country is a freaking mess and we've tried pretty well everything except giving women a fair share of the seats at the decision making table. All it's going to take to make this happen is a whole lot of exceedingly outraged women. Are we almost there yet?

And speaking of shrill emotionalism from unruly schoolboys:

Olbermann's Special Comment On Yesterday's Lunch

video via Rachel Sklar
[Thanks Diane!]

"I have four daughters, the youngest is 14. Yesterday she turned to me and said she didn’t think women should be in politics anymore, that men would not let them win."