Tuesday, May 20, 2008

ABC News: Women Threaten to Abandon Democratic Party (Video)

ABC News highlights a few of the misogynistic blows directed at Hillary Rodham Clinton (in the video clip below), including one from Tennessee's own Congressman Steve Cohen. Cynthia Ruccia, founder of the group, Clinton Supporters Count Too warns that if Obama is the nominee, the group will campaign against him.

The women's group will boycott the election and abandon the Democratic Party too.

Don't faint. At this woefully late date, the media is actually paying attention to women voters and even to the malevolent media misogyny aimed at battering women everywhere until we give it up to male rule as usual. Women can always come back for equal rights in another hundred years or so. Maybe then, the media won't beat up our candidate quite so viciously. Maybe then, qualifications will count for as much as being a member of the fraternity.

An ABC News-Washington Post poll finds that nearly 25 percent of Hillary's supporters say an Obama nomination will cause them to abandon the Democratic Party by voting for McCain. But, of course, the Democratic Party abandoned women first.

ABC NEWS: Clinton Supporters Count Too

"In Kentucky, women voters, one after another are saying, why are people pushing her? Why are they saying sit down and shut up? And there's a lot of resentment about that. A lot of those women had the same thing happen to them." -- Cokie Roberts
The Swamp: Clinton supporters in their own words:On Monday, the Chicago Tribune ran a front-page article on the refusal of Hillary Clinton's most passionate devotees to give up or concede the race to Barack Obama by any measure. Since the article ran, our email box has been filling up. One thing is clear: a schism exists within the party even wider than that which was documented in the article.

WomenCount PAC, has a full-page ad in today's New York Times.

Professionals for Hillary are organizing a Protest Rally for the Media to "Stop the Sexism and to Count the Votes in Florida and Michigan"

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