Saturday, January 12, 2008

Without Writers, Bill Maher is Still a Sexist Pig

Bill Maher returned to HBO last night sans writers, but somehow the lefty comic managed to continue his habit of spewing sexist venom. Maher ‘joked’ that Senator Hillary Clinton went to a strip club with a band of reporters and then our first viable woman presidential candidate proceeded to do a pole dance.


Maher joked about the male candidates too, but as you can probably guess, the jokes about the men were decidedly more respectful.

Later in the show, Maher stunned Tony Snow (and me) by suggesting that the Republican Party rigged the New Hampshire election in order to enable Hillary’s victory. This time Maher was not joking. In what passes for Bill Maher's mind, Republicans think they can beat the Clintons - the only Democrats to win the White House since 1976 - but Republicans greatly fear Senator-for-two-years Barack Obama. So, the RNC rigged the New Hampshire primary. And Maher makes fun of the 9/11 Truthers!

Snow responded that the idea was "totally wacko!" and "completely wacked." And there you go, when you have a lefty comic who behaves like the Rush Limbaugh of the Left, even Tony Snow gets to have rational moments.