Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Cowboy Yells at Hillary: 'Iron My Shirt!'

I wrote at the outset of Hillary Clinton's historic bid for the presidency that the rampant sexism that so permeates this cowboy culture would soon become our daily news.

Well, here's more. These cowboys must have come straight from freeperville, but it's also sadly true that some of our liberal colleagues are joining in the fun.

SALEM, New Hampshire - Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign stop was interrupted Monday when two men stood in the crowd and began screaming, "Iron my shirt!" during one of her final appearances before the New Hampshire primary.

Clinton, a former first lady running to become the nation's first female president, laughed at the seemingly sexist protest that suggested a woman's place is doing the laundry and not running the country.

"Ah, the remnants of sexism — alive and well," Clinton said to applause in a school auditorium.

Photo via The Caucus