Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rightwing Rage: Hillary Plants Gay 'Operative' In GOP Debate! Hillary Wins!

Hillary Wins the CNN/YouTube GOP Debate

Army Brigadier General Keith Kerr challenged the white male homophobes on the CNN/YouTube debate stage about their position on gays in the military. He phrased the question about 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' beautifully (see the video below) and he elaborated from the audience.

While the gay veteran was pointing out that doctors, nurses and pilots are routinely discharged for the crime of being gay, members of the GOP audience actually booed. After he finished speaking, the straight white men on the stage said, too bad, we still support discrimination.

Romney the flip-flopper champion of the world got slammed by Anderson Cooper with a quote from Romney's liberal days. Just imagine, in his former life Romney said he "look[ed] forward" to the day when gays could serve. But last night, Romney hemmed and hawed and finally said, that was then, this is now.

But rightwingers have been hard at work since the debate ended. It's only 12:27 a.m., and already they've discovered that the gay veteran is a Hillary supporter! He was even on the steering committee of Veterans for Kerry!

Horrors! General Keith Kerr is a member of Hillary's LGBT Americans For Hillary Steering Committee!!!

A Hillary plant!!!!

That woman is freakin' everywhere.

The vast leftwing conspiracy wins another one! Somebody give Hillary -- the star of every debate -- a medal. This election is so ovah!

Rightwingers are all over this one folks. The only question remaining in their minds is: Was CNN in on Hillary's plot to plant a Democrat at the GOP debate? You can't make this stuff up.

Back in the reality-based world, Taylor Marsh has: General Punks GOP & CNN

Update: Were there any actual Republicans at the debate? Malkin reports (and presents evidence) that one of the abortion questions came from a 'declared' Edwards supporter, and the Log Cabin Republican questioner is a 'declared' Obama supporter, and the toxic toy questioner is a union activist for Edwards. Whew! I guess there must be a shortage of Republicans.

Here's your dose of Rightwing Hysteria:

Clinton Plant Infiltrates CNN GOP Debate

Hillary plants question in Republican debate
Figures.... Hillary Clinton Has Plant at Republican Debate, Too!
Geez, surely the Hillary camp knew this would be found out.
VIDEO: BOOB TUBE: CNN Duped by Hillary ‘Plant’ at Republican Debate