Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tennessee's Bush Dog Democrats

On the little project of cleaning up the Democratic Party, Matt Stoller has a list of Bush Dog Democrats posted over at dkos. (This is a project of OpenLeft.)

Obviously, Bush Dog Democrats are those who betray the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party by voting with Bush on the most crucial issues.

Naturally, Tennessee has its fair share of Bush Dog Democrats:

Lincoln Davis, TN-04
John Tanner, TN-08
Bart Gordon, TN-06
Jim Cooper, TN-05

Matt is asking for volunteers to write up profiles on the Bush Dog Democrats in order to better defeat them. If you'd like to volunteer, head on over there.

CQ (pdf) has the latest (6/30/07) cash-on-hand figures for these DINOs:

Tennessee 4 Lincoln Davis Democratic $84,376
Tennessee 8 John Tanner Democratic $1,004,426
Tennessee 6 Bart Gordon Democratic $746,692
Tennessee 5 Jim Cooper Democratic $74,136
[via Political Wire]

Hat tip to the Volunteer Voter