Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bush at 26%

Good news! Only 26 percent of Americans are stupid enough to approve of the way the Commander Guy is screwing the country!

Bush is now the most despised, or least respected, pResident since Richard Milhouse Nixon. Even those who subscribe to the brain-dead Republican Party are waking up -- amost one third of Republicans disapprove of the Commander Guy.

C'mon Bushie, let's see how many more catastrophic disasters you can provoke before your approval numbers slide on down into the teens.

According to the Newsweek Poll, pResident Pissypants scores 23 percent for Iraq and 23 percent for immigration policy.

Congress does no better -- 25 percent approve of the job Congress is or is Not doing. Only 27 percent of Democrats approve of the Democratic-led Congress! But, of course, what we really disapprove of is the failure of Congress to undo the damage done by the most destructive and incompetent pResident of our lifetimes.