Sunday, April 22, 2007

Why Won't Dems Take Campfield (R) Seriously?

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Campfield Questions of the Day:

Why won't Republicans take Stacey "X" Campfield seriously?

Why does Rep. Campfield (R) call Kleinheider -- who is WKRN's conservative blogger -- . . . Kleinhitler?

Does liquor really stand a chance of clouding Rep. Campfield's judgement?

Why is Naifeh (D) so fast and hard with the gavel?

Why has Campfield never passed a bill?

Answer here!

Hat tip to V. Voters

Update: The new improved Tennessean has a story on Campfield. There's no real news in the story, and it's not exactly flattering, but Stacey will probably relish it since he craves attention so. -- State Rep. Campfield can't pass his bills but still gets heard.