Monday, February 19, 2007

How Many Cops Does it Take to Handcuff Rep. Campfield?

Apparently it took all of four police officers to restrain and handcuff Rep. Stacey Campfield back in 2002, when he was harassing now Governor Bredesen at a gathering for grown-ups. (See the next photo.)

Stacey Campfield (R) "holds up a bumper sticker heckling then-gubernatorial candidate [now Governor] Phil Bredesen (D) as he greets guests arriving for the barbeque hosted by Republican U.S. Rep. Jimmy Duncan at the Civic Colliseum in 2002."

Campfield was subsequently thrown out of the event, or according to our reliable sources and the photo, Campfield was restrained (handcuffed) and detained by police officers until the event ended (but he was not booked).

Note: The first photo appeared in my inbox over the weekend. Apparently, some people are pissed about Campfield's ludicrous anti-choice bill that would mandate death certificates for abortions.

Who knows what I'll find in my inbox tomorrow.

Somehow I missed it, but Kleinheider published the photo of Campfield being cuffed last summer. But there was no explanation. The second photo has appeared on the TGW blog before, but to my knowledge this is the first time the two damning photos have been published together. If you know otherwise, tell me about it.

Update: Stacey Campfield once again makes it on to The Top Ten Conservative Idiots list (and so does Jeff Miller, again.)