Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bimbo Ad Won't Go Away

Bimbo Ad Targetting Democrat Harold Ford Reportedly Still Playing in Chattanooga

Apparently, everyone in the world has not yet seen the Sleazy Blonde-Bimbo Ad targetting Harold Ford.

This blog is still getting positively slammed by people who haven't yet seen the RNC's racist ad -- as we have been ever since Talking Points Memo first linked to us!

This Belgium forum is one of the more recent sites sending people here in droves to be amazed at just how low the Republican Party is willing to go. The ad may be off the air, but it is still being widely condemned as "vular and desperate." Many expect the ad to backfire against the crazy Republicans who actually thought the public would believe that Republicans are "powerless" to stop their own ads from running!

As Chris Matthews observes, the dirty ad business now belongs exclusively to the GOP. The Dems are NOT participating.

Although the ad has officially ceased airing and been replaced with a new ad claiming that Harold Ford is the answer to all our liberal dreams (and this overtly racist radio ad), there are reports that the bimbo ad is still playing -- in Corker's hometown. One of our readers from Chattanooga confirms that she saw the ad air today. Has anyone else seen it?

The ad -- which people are now calling 'the bimbo ad' -- is definitely still playing on this blog and on countless other sites, and the mainstream media coverage is so great, it's become impossible to keep up with it!

Here are a very few of the latest stories about the bimbo ad, and note that Canadians are pissed.

Washington Post -- Howard Kurtz: Down in the Mud -- "A GOP ad against Senate candidate Harold Ford -- featuring a white seductress who says she met the black lawmaker at a Playboy party and that he should call her -- is so odious and racially tinged that Ford's Republican opponent, Bob Corker, denounces it."

International Herald Tribune: In South, latest Republican ad strikes some as playing on racial fears

New York Times: Ad Seen as Playing to Racial Fears

NPR: Republican Ad Shocks Some in Tennessee

ABC NEWS: Playboy Party Jab Could Hurt Republican's Senatorial Hopes -- Controversial Ad Against Democrat in Tennessee Pulled After Backlash

Globe and Mail: Republican election ad calls Canada a freeloader

Globe and Mail: Canada complains to White House about ad

Ottawa Sun: Tories blast Republican ad