Tuesday, May 16, 2006

King George Displeases His Base

The Bush Immigration Speech Provokes Outrage from Bush's Pissed Off Base
If you missed Bush's prime time performance last night, I envy you. But here's the text of Bush's speech on immigration. You can read it, or you can take the word of conservative bloggers. It sucks, big time. (Lefties don't like it either.)

Where did I put that post about hard core Republicans fleeing from Bush? Oh, there it is.

And here for your amusement is a sampling of conservative thoughts on our clueless dear leader:

"Is he insane? This is the same speech he's delivered countless times. Does he expect a different result? Is he intentionally trying to drive his popularity down to 20%?"

"Bush has lost touch with reality, arguing that guest worker/amnesty will reduce the incentive to cross the border...Too little, too late."

"He had his chance...and he blew it. He should have given the speech I told him to. As soon as he started talking about guest worker programs and the impossibility of deporting 11 million illegals, it was all over.

"Give me a few minutes to digest this, and I'll be back, but my initial reaction is that Bush just split the Republican Party."

"Working with Mexico? What shall we do, print their step-by-step pamphlets at no cost? Have the Guard notify the Mexican Government of their positions? This is absolutely laughable."

"Hey George, are you the Prez of the USA or Mexico?"

I'm so glad Karl Rove is on the job! But seriously, it seems that even Rove knows that Bush will never win this country back.