Sunday, February 05, 2006

Chavez Not Amused by Bush 'Diplomacy'

Hostile rhetoric, sneers, name calling, threats hurled at world leaders, throw in a cowboy swagger, and you have the Bush mafiaesque style of diplomacy. The Radical Republican approach to diplomacy has been dubbed, thugomacy.

Hugo Chavez is not amused.

Chavez warns U.S. over refineries if cuts ties

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez warned on Saturday he could shut his government's U.S.-based refineries and sell oil to nations other than the United States if Washington decided to cut diplomatic ties, as relations between the two countries continue to worsen.
"If the U.S. government wants to break relations, then they have to take that decision over there, over there. I could easily order the refineries we have over there closed," Chavez told a large crowd of supporters.

"We'll see how high oil prices go, we'll see how much a gallon of gas will cost. I could easily sell the oil we sell to the United States to other countries," he said. "We don't want to get to that extreme, we want them to leave us in peace." (Hat tip to SusanG at dkos.)

After High Thug Rummy compared Chavez to Hitler (and Bush religious nut base cheerleader, Pat Robertson repeated the call for Chavez's assassination), Chavez responded:

"The imperialist, mass-murdering, fascist attitude of the president of the US doesn't have limits," Chavez said. "I think Hitler could be a nursery baby next to George W. Bush."