Thursday, January 12, 2006

Feminist Bloggers On ScAlito or Where Are the Fighting Dems?

Still hoping for a miracle here, or some fighting Dems. Here's a small snapshot of some feminist thought from the blogosphere on the seemingly hopeless ScAlito hearings.

Ampersand at Alas a blog explains why "abortion rights will not revert to the states," or why no state is safe if Alito ascends to the High Court.

Black Feminism weighs in on Alito and Husband Notification and Abortion and Black Liberation.

Marisacat over at Media Girl notes that none of us really expect much from the Dems: "Democrats, first they bitch then they capitulate. Yes I heard Kennedy, Yes I heard Schumer: I am fucking worn out with senatorial pique." There's lots more at Media Girl.

Pseudo-Adrienne reminds us that the only reason ScAlito "is even before the Senate Judiciary Committee today is because Harriet Miers wasn't conservative enough," and that like Uncle Clarence Thomas, ScAlito "will say and do anything to be confirmed." Scroll down for more at Liberal Feminist Bias.

ECHIDNE OF THE SNAKES says we need a new name for Alito, something stickier than Stripsearch Sammy or ScAlito. She links to a beginning list of possible names. In another post, the blogger adds to the growing chorus that laments the nomination of yet another white man: "There are things that men or whites in this society do not experience, and having eight men and one woman and only one black Justice on the Supreme Court will not provide a balanced menu of possible human experiences."

Scott at Lawyers, Guns and Money weighs in on the merits of filbustering Alito.

Citizen's Rent deconstructs wingnut Sen. Coburn's performance and says we need some fighting Dems.

Morgaine reminds us to urge our senators to axe ScAlito. She provides the one stop link.

Diane of DED Space has a post at MoJo Blog which looks at the Yale Report on Alito.

Sappho at Sappho Manifesto has a scary and hilarious pix of Alito and summarizes the many reasons to oppose the Supreme wannabe in a post titled, Same Shit, Different Asshole.

Shakespeare's Sister weighs in on Mrs. ScAlito's sudden burst of tears.

Over at Pandagon, Pam Spaulding has a post entitled, Sammy: ‘All your wombs could belong to us’. Nuff said.

The last word comes from Spyderkl at Evil Mommy, she says, "if you're waiting to see whether or not there will be a filibuster...please don't hold your breath."

Bush v. Choice has lots more.

Photo via All Hat No Cattle