Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I Spy Gays, I Spy PETA . . .

You'll feel better now that you know your government is spying on gays and vegans. I know I do. I mean the "credible threat" to homeland security of a gay kiss-in is enough to instill fear in most any of our nervous-about-their-masculinity Republican leaders. As the angry white men in Washington keep on proving, nervous government is bad government.

And doesn't it feel good to know that the FBI has informants attending PETA conferences? Some of these animal rights activists sound almost as radical as Mark Twain.

You knew Big Brother would be on hand for the "Vegan Community Project event at the University of Indiana during which the group distributed vegetarian starter kits to students and faculty, an animal rights conference in Washington, DC that was open to the public, and a planned protest of Cindy Crawford’s decision to become a llama fur spokesperson."

Other scary groups under surveillance include Greenpeace, the ACLU, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, the Catholic Workers Group, as well as the peace activists who attended a 2002 conference at Stanford University aimed at ending sanctions in Iraq.

And then there's the "potential terrorist threat" posed by those Quakers . Like the five Quakers and 79-year old grandmother "who met at their local Quaker meeting house to discuss how to protest military recruiting at an area high school."

Let's face it, if you are gay, vegan, Quaker, or just a peacenik, somebody is probably watching you. If you are all of the above, you may as well turn yourself in.

Just be careful what you read. Books like Mao Tse-Tung's "The Little Red Book" are apparently on a "watch list." That means if you try to obtain them, Homeland Security will be watching and may well show up at your door .

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