Monday, June 20, 2005

No Food or Water for Protesting TennCare Enrollees Locked Inside Capitol! - Update #2

UPDATE #2 : Vigil tonight, Monday night, from 9:00 to 10:00 PM at the State Capitol on the side facing Legislative Plaza. Come and support the sit-in of those TennCare enrollees who are struggling for their life. Bring a candle.

TennCare Enrollees, People with Disabilities, Medical Professionals, and other concerned Tennesseans have occupied Governor Bredesen’s Office. The more than 20 people who have occupied his office will not allow them to bring in food. Several people who are occupying the Governor's office are medically frail and need nourishment. When you call the governor's office toll free (1-877-431-7083), demand that the Governor allow people to have food.

No Food or Water for Protesting TennCare Enrollees Locked Inside Capitol . . .

UPDATE#1: Sharon Cobb just talked to one of the protestors inside the Capitol and reports that they will not be permitted to go to the vending machines for food or even water.

Sharon says:

"So, they are trying to starve them out! They're staying. (Hey...they're going to die anyhow at the hands of this Governor, I guess some don't want their deaths to be in vain). "

Call and email the Governor and tell him to give the TennCare Enrollees what they want:

Governor Bredesen’s Office:
Phone: 615.741.2001Fax: 615.532.9711 Email:

Let's get some national media attention on this:

Email this story to MSNBC's Keith Olbermann.

TennCare Enrollees Fighting for Their Lives . . .

In an effort to avoid the media nightmare of having people who are confined to wheel chairs arrested, Governor Bredesen says they can stay in the building overnight.

The Governor agreed to meet with the TennCare enrollees and advocates on Wednesday. It’s not clear if the protestors plan to stay where they are until then. A number of them are in very poor health; some are confined to wheelchairs.

The meeting offered by the Governor is not what they’ve asked for. They want a meeting that is open to the public/press. Bredesen says he will meet with a few of them privately.

A number of the protestors are featured in Sharon Cobb’s TennCare documentary. You can view it here, scroll down for the link. Sharon will be talking via telephone to one of the protestors later this evening. Check back at her blog for the details.

She also has a must see picture of our DINO Governor here: TennKill Phil!

Media Coverage of the TennCare Enrollees Fight for Their Lives:

Tennessee Independent Media Center
Channel 5
The Tennessean

See the previous post on this topic for ways that you can help, as well as info on tomorrow night's rally in downtown Nashville: Gov's Office Occupied! -TennCare Enrollees Fighting Back