Sunday, May 01, 2005

Republican Rep. Campfield Hurls Insults at Dissenting Constituent & Exhibits Failure to Master 3rd Grade Language Skills

Why do I expect state lawmakers to be above the practice of hurling insults at their dissenting constituents? For the same reason I expect lawmakers to be able to demonstrate that they have mastered third-grade writing skills.

Jon Fish, University of Tennessee student and writer for the Daily Beacon, offers an amazing collection of correspondence between himself and Rep. Stacey Campfield. (Fish also offers impressive documentation of the Republican Rep.’s dubious qualifications for the job of lawmaker.)

If you also dream of the day when state lawmakers are educated enough to offer intelligent arguments in defense of their legislation, please join me in urging college student Jon Fish to challenge Rep. Campfield in the next election.

When Fish made his dissenting views known to Rep. Stacey Campfield (a.k.a. the blogging legislator), via email, the Republican Rep. responded:


“Tragic that with all your education you still cant read once again I ask you to read the bill it defends itself next I offer you proof that the bill is needed with examples from…”

“It is tragic when a young mind is turned to mush from excessive drugs next time just say no!”

“Finally your opinion that your papers articles will hurt me I encourage you to Wright and motivate all the liberals to come after me I bet the vote totals change very little unfortunately students vote very little so if you can motivate them to vote, even if it is against me ,I encourage you, good luck.”

“. . if you want I could show to work Google it could save you a trip to Hodges and
who knows you might even have time left over to get a life”

“Finally if you don't do drugs (you didn't say specifically) good for you neither do I, of course your brain is still mush Stacey”

Since Rep. Campfield is also the state’s sole blogging legislator, many have had the opportunity to note his embarrassing problems with the English language.

Conservative bloggers have even offered the Republican Rep. assistance in the formidable task of cleaning up some of the more embarrassing errors on his blog (example: “for all intense and purposes”). Consequently, his blog is looking much more presentable these days.

As many wise women have observed, the inability to formulate a credible argument is a telling sign of a substandard education. People who can’t formulate plausible arguments are people who tend to resort to the school-yard bully tactic of hurling insults. (I have a lot of sympathy for the many Tennesseans who have been offered nothing better than a substandard education, but that doesn't mean I believe they are qualified to hold the position of lawmaker. )

One can only wonder how many Tennesseans have received grade-school level insults from Rep. Campfield and, thus, given up the habit of making their views known to elected officials.

Via Myopic Zeal, who also offers documentation of the blogging legislator’s difficulty with the English language here and here.

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