Thursday, May 12, 2005

Dr. Hagar to Women: Pray When You Have PMS & Then Pray I Don't Rape You

Maybe Dr. Hagar Would Like to Move to Tennessee, Where Spousal Rape is Legal Unless You Use a Weapon or Beat Her To A Pulp

There's plenty of good feminist commentary on Dr. Hagar, some of which I list below. Hagar is the Bush appointee to the FDA Panel in charge of women's contraception. Like virtually all Bush appointees, Hagar qualified for the position by virtue of his religious zeal. He's the gynecologist who advised women to pray when they have PMS. The doctor has also "refused to prescribe contraceptives to unmarried women."

The faith-based gynecologist now stands accused of "seven years of forced sodomy" by his former wife. We're sure Dr. Hagar found that in the Bible somewhere. Pity the women who were his patients.

By all accounts, Hagar is the Bible-thumping doctor responsible for defeating the effort to make emergency contraception available over the counter. As it stands now, by the time you friggin' get the emergency contraception, you may well be praying for the money to purchase maternity clothes.

Gee, maybe Dr. Hagar would like to move to Tennessee, where spousal rape is legal unless you use a weapon or beat her to a pulp. My thanks to Pandagon and Feministing for helping to spread the word about Tennessee's primitive rape law, otherwise known as the number one reason for women to remain single in Tennessee.

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