Tuesday, April 26, 2005

US Rep. Ford to Address Emergency Rally to Protect Social Security Today

U.S. Rep. Harold Ford Jr. (D) will address the Emergency Rally to Protect Social Security today in downtown Nashville. That's at 12:00 pm on the east side Capitol steps. For more info email Tennessee Citizen Action at tnca@tnca.org.

Protect Social Security rallies will be held in 35 states and in Washington, D.C. today. The U.S. Senate Finance Committee will hold its first hearing on Project Social Security Destruct in D.C. today.


  1. If you don't support what the Republicans did since they took over the House of Representatives in 1995 and don't support the Republican party's plans for this year then Join the revolution for progressive legislation.


    Write this url on your one, five and ten dollar bills in the white areas in Pencil.

    Tennessee residents please make an effort to boycott the following companies I list in my boycott petition: Walmart and Eckerd,CVS, and Walgreens in your state and call Senator Frist and tell him unless he gets our agenda passed those Tennessee outlets of these chains will not get your business. You live at one of the biggest seats of power in the United States. Organize and use your purchasing power to leverage it into passing progressive legislation.

    Thank you.

    PS Spread the word that until the Catkiller Bill Frist stops his plans to end filibusters by changing the rules you will no longer tithe at church until he stops.

  2. egalia,

    I need to apologies, for after reading your forthright, blog manifesto at the top, I added at end...in Tennessee?

    But, then I thought, if we're gonna follow thru with Gov. Dean's pledge to take our message straight to Red State voters, it'd be nice to have someone there who speaks their language, can play interference or knows the best escape routes.

    I'd sure like to get your take on Ford's chances of winning, and end any suspicions I may have as to why a hottie like him is not already married!

    I actually visited Nashville twice for gay softball tournaments and was very impressed with the city.