Thursday, April 14, 2005

Bush to Gaze on Clear Polluted Skies in Tennessee for Earth Day Celebration

No Silence Here reports that Bush is coming to Tennessee on Earth Day.

The Prez will visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and gaze upon the "unnatural haze from air pollution." No doubt this will be a photo-op with a political motive. Why else would the Prez visit Tennessee? According to the account posted at No Silence, Bush will likely use the Smoky Mountain photo-op as a yet another bid for Congress to pass his Clear Skies initiative, otherwise known as the Dirty Air Bill.

Extremist Rep. Bill Dunn (R) will join Bush at the Smokies.

How much will this visit cost the dirt-poor state of Tennessee? We're sure that worrisome thought has never entered Bush's mind (sic). Unpopular presidents are just so darn expensive. Oh well, time to erect yet another Free Speech Zone so Tennesseans can give the Prez the kind of welcome he has come to expect the world over.