Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Secret of Senator Frist's Success: Freedom from Gender Competition

Did you know Sen. Frist won the best boy award at his elite boys' school here in Nashville? (Does any other kind of school have best boy awards?) I learned about the Senate Majority Leader’s "best all around boy in the school” award from the grown-up Senator's 25 page curriculum vitae (page 4).

The Frist c.v., which is posted on the Senator’s website, is a long and winding list of accomplishments (or purchases) traveling all the way back to high school. Yeah, 25 pages. But see the
Daily Howler for some documentation on the Frist vanity factor.

According to the best boy’s school, Montgomery Bell Academy, the private school consciously chose to remain an all boys’ school (like when all of a sudden girls could go to real schools too) in order to "free" the boys from the stress and anguish of “gender competition.” For some mysterious reason, this confession has gone down the memory hole (last seen on July 14, 2003). But here’s a snippet of the confession I saved to my hard drive:

Why A Boys' School?

Boys are free to venture across a broad spectrum, to realize their full potential unencumbered by gender competition or stereotypes. Thanks to this freedom, our young men are successful in their individual quests for fulfillment.

Gee, all this time I thought best boy Frist owed his success to an excess of wealth. Come to find out, he owes much of his good fortune to a paucity of girls. Apparently, there's nothing quite like a little freedom from the burden of "gender competition" to make a man excel. (As some have noted, elite male bloggers also prefer to be "unencumbered by gender competition.")

Nowadays, elite best boys with presidential ambitions tend to think of “gender competition” as the Hilary problem. Does this mean that best boy Frist will be ill-prepared for the ordeal of running against Hilary in 2008?

Oh woe! Who will protect our best boy from gender competition in 2008?