Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Nashville Police Chief to Crazed TN Lawmakers (R): Leave Vandy Police Alone!

 The nation's most insane body of legislators got called out today by Nashville's Metro Police Chief Steve Anderson and Davidson County District Attorney General Torry Johnson. Homophobic state lawmakers are still pushing a bill that would punish Vanderbilt University -- for refusing to discriminate against gays and lesbians --  by abolishing the Vanderbilt Police force!

Rep. Mark Pody and Sen. Mae Beavers are responsible for this perverted threat to public safety.

Obviously, the bill would also punish Nashville, but the super majority of right-wing state lawmakers seem to delight in anything that would hurt left leaning Nashville (and Memphis). 

If taking 90 cops off the street in order to hurt gays and lesbians sounds really dumb and irresponsible, well, we have quite a few Tennessee lawmakers who make it their daily mission to be as dumb and irresponsible as humanly possible. 

The Attorney General has already declared the anti Vanderbilt Police bill to be unconstitutional, to which one of Tennessee's crazed lawmakers replied, "This is just his opinion."

Gawd. Where do we find these yahoos? And how much damage are they going to do before they go home?  

Nashville Police Chief Anderson and District Attorney General Johnson express their disapproval in today's front-page headline story (in the print edition, photo above) in The Tennessean:

 “Are they serious about that?” Johnson asked in disbelief about the legislative initiative.
Vanderbilt stoked the ire of conservative lawmakers when it adopted the all-comers policy, which bans student groups from discriminating against people based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation. The policy was adopted after a Christian fraternity tried to exclude gay members.
Anderson said if lawmakers eliminate Vanderbilt’s police force it will mean the loss of about 90 police officers from the streets of Nashville.

 Whether you agree with Vanderbilt’s philosophy about the all-comers policy, to say that we’re going to take 90 law enforcement officers off the street is just not in the best interest of the public in general,” he said. “That means that I have to take some of the 1,300 officers that we have and devote them to that area.”

 “I’m not sure why the legislature would even want to consider that.”