Monday, November 05, 2012

Long Lines, Early Voting Chaos In Dirty Republican Controlled Florida; Shades of Bush v. Gore

 Long lines and angry voters shouting "Let us vote" are setting the stage for another corrupt  election in Republican controlled Florida.

Dirty crooks, aka Republicans in charge of elections?  No wonder this country is such a freaking mess.

Five to 7 hour waits to vote?  I wish I could say, only in Republican controlled 3rd world Florida, but it's early yet, so I'll just say: Welcome to America!

How many early votes were lost or suppressed by corrupt Republicans in Florida today?  

Mayor Carlos Gimenez said part of the reason the county elections headquarters temporarily shut down Sunday with a crowd waiting outside to vote was because he had not authorized the additional hours... 

But by then, around 180 people stood in line outside the elections office at 2700 NW 87th Ave. They shouted “Let us vote!” and banged on the locked glass doors. “This is America, not a third-world country,” said Myrna Peralta, who waited in line with her 4-year-old grandson for nearly two hours before the doors closed. “They should have been prepared.” 
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Update: On her special Sunday pre-election show, Rachel Maddow reports 8.5 hour waits!