Sunday, November 25, 2012

Champion of Equality GOP Millionaire Carly Fiorina: ‘It is not fair’ that public workers 'are so rich’

Yeah, Carly Fiorina is now the champion of equality.

What gives Republicans a bad reputation?


Shameless millionaire Carly Fiorina uttered the greedy Orwellian words on NBC’s Meet the Press:

During a Sunday panel segment on NBC, MSNBC host Al Sharpton asserted that Congress must agree to raise taxes on the wealthy before cutting spending. 

“This is about fairness,” he explained. “Why do we need to need to deal with the tax on the rich first? Because we must ensure Americans we are dealing with fairness. We keep talking about shared sacrifice, there was not shared wealth and shared prosperity. So, you’re asking people that didn’t enjoy the good times to share in paying for the tab that they never enjoyed.” 

“Let us accept Rev. Al’s point and the president’s point about fairness,” Fiorina replied. “But equally, it is not fair that public employee union pensions and benefits are so rich now that cities and states are going bankrupt and college tuition is going up 25 and 30 percent or police and firefighters are being cut. There’s a lot that isn’t fair right now.”

Yeah, it;s the filthy rich middle class that we need to worry about. Selfish brutes working for the state are causing the grossly unfair inequality in the land, says champion of equality Carly Fiorina.

 I'm surprised Al Sharpton was able to keep from laughing in Carly Fiorina's face.

And what the hell is a "moderate Republican" anyway? The term makes absolutely no sense.