Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tennessee 'Bathroom Bill' Bans Transgendered Folks from Bathrooms

Weirdo State Rep. Richard Floyd (R), is getting lots of national press over his bizarre Bathroom Bill , a bill that would prohibit transgendered folks from using public bathrooms. The Rep says he is sick and tired of people who are not just like him. He fears that people will soon be "marrying cats and dogs and horses." Yeah, well, with men out there like Rep. Richard Floyd (R), who wouldn't prefer to marry their kitty cat?

"I'm just sick and tired of society having to adjust to every little alternate life style, or little whim or someone who thinks they're different."

Also: Huffington Post: Odious New Anti-Transgender Bill Introduced in Tennessee General Assembly
Towleroad: TN Lawmaker Files Bill to Prevented 'Perverted' Trans People from Attacking His Wife in Dressing Rooms: VIDEO

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