Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Morning Joe's Sexist Icky Frat-Boy Promo (Video)

The new Morning Joe promo sums up “the increasingly hard to watch dynamic of Morning Joe, in which Joe and company behave like bad little boys and sexy Mika scolds them.”

There's lots of talk about the new MSNBC Morning Joe promo and the talk seems to be having an effect, i.e., the cable news channel has stopped running promo clips featuring Mika donned in her "itty bitty running clothes." The clips now feature the show's fully clothed bad boys.

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Behold Morning Joe's new promo. In it good girl Mika Brzezinski pops out of bed, makes breakfast for the kids, feeds the dog (how does she do it!), dons itty, bitty running clothes and runs to 30 Rock.

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