Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Laura Flanders v. the Obnoxious Boyz on Maher's Real Time (Video)

It was the obnoxious boyz vs. Laura Flanders on Real Time last week. As the one and only liberal on the panel, it was Laura's job to hold down the liberal fort against nauseating adolescent wannabe Andrew Breibart. Bill Maher sure didn't help with his suck-up-to-Breibart attitude, but helping would have required the misogynist host to actually listen to a woman. The famously sexist Bill Maher is way to busy objectifying and insulting women to begin to think about the arduous task of listening to women, especially if the woman is one who doesn't swoon on command. Laura Flanders swoons for no man.

Bill Maher and Andrew Breibart talk over her and often rudely ignore her, but she scores anyway. Kudos to Flanders for doing Maher's job for him -- for making the show look like it begins to be liberal. If she were a man, HBO would long ago have given Flanders her own liberal talk show.

via Crooks and Liars

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