Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Larry David Says Thanks for the Tax Cuts

Writing in the New York Times, Larry David, of sarcasm or Curb Your Enthusiasm fame, says thanks to Republicans and President Obama for the tax cuts for millionaires. Now the HBO star can afford to spend money on blueberries and a flat-screen tv:

“When I get home, thanks to the great compromise, the first thing I’m going to do is get a flat-screen TV. Finally I can throw out the 20-inch Zenith with the rabbit ears, the one I inherited from my parents when they died. The reception is terrible and I’m getting tired of going out to bars every time I want to watch a game. Last month, the antenna broke and I tried to improvise one with a metal hanger and wound up cutting myself. Every time I see that scab, I say to myself, ‘If, God willing, those Bush tax cuts are restored, I’m going to buy a new TV.’ Well, guess what? They have been!

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