Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Obama Wants You to Praise Your Frozen Wages

Time to get busy and write that letter to the editor in which you praise President Obama for freezing your wages. If all goes as expected, next week you can praise Obama for bestowing tax breaks on freaking millionaires while the bank forecloses your home:

Unionized government employees are a major part of the Democratic base. Organizing for America is Barack Obama's outreach organization to the base. So why is OFA asking the base to write letters supporting its newly frozen salaries?

Paul Rosenberg has a better idea:

Obama says: Poke both your eyes out at once! -- "[W]hy not Obama says: Write a letter to the editor praising Obama for telling you to poke out both your eyes at once, so you no longer have to choose between believing him, or believing your lying eyes?"

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