Thursday, September 02, 2010

Dems Inspire Liberals to Stay in Bed Come Election Day

You have to wonder if any liberals are planning to get out of bed come election day. Why should we? Glenn Greenwald lists some of the many reasons for the huge and still growing "enthusiasm gap." One of the most painful is the deceitful game that two-faced Dems are playing with Social Security. And to all those middle class folks who didn't have a word of protest to utter when Dems played the same rotten game with welfare, well, it's finally coming round to you:

(4) At Daily Kos, Joan McCarter documents that progressive and even Democratic Party journalists are now openly acknowledging what has long been clear: President Obama's Deficit Commission was structured so as to ensure recommendations for, among other things, cuts in Social Security benefits, to be voted on right after the election is nice and over with (an election the Democrats are trying to win by parading around as the protectors of Social Security). Also at Daily Kos, Laurence Lewis describes how similar this dynamic is to prior political controversies, where Democrats held themselves out publicly as believing one thing while privately working for the opposite.

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