Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gay Activists to Harold Ford: "Snake-Oil Harry, Go Away"

Harold Ford Meets New York's Stonewall Democrats, and it ain't pretty.

Harold Ford, or as they call him in New York --Snake-Oil Harry -- showed up at the Stonewall Dems and got the kind of welcome only a snake-oil salesman deserves:

It wasn't an easy message to get out in a raucous 30 minutes at the W. 13th St. club. Ford was interrupted repeatedly by chants of "No more lies, no more lies" and "Snake-oil Harry, go away."

At one point, several audience members raised signs with slogans like, "It's the lies, stupid!" At the end of the session, someone even ignited a loud but harmless confetti bomb - sending a noticeable jolt through Ford and others. Ford stood his ground, answering a dozen or so questions and trying - with little apparent success - to argue that his support of gay marriage was now for real. . .

One of few hushed moments of the evening came when Lt. Dan Choi - a gay Army officer who came out last March - rose to press Ford on gay marriage, noting pointedly that he fought in Iraq to secure rights "for your family that mine is not afforded."

Ford said he, too, would fight to let gays serve openly, but Choi was not convinced.

Ford was quizzed on same-sex marriage, DADT, choice, etc. The crowd was loud and jeering and broke out in chants of "Anti Choice, Anti Gay, Snake-Oil Harry, Go Away," among other things. See the entire hilarious event via 3 videos at Watch: Harold Ford Vs. NYC’s Stonewall Democrats – Complete Video! This is #3, the shortest one: