Thursday, February 18, 2010

Crash & Protest Anti-Gay Harold Ford's Stonewall Democrats Address

When Harold Ford addresses the Stonewall Democrats next week, he can expect some uninvited guests. A group called The Power (The People United for LGBT Equality) is organizing the protest. (Wed. 2/24 6 p.m. at NYC LGBT Center.) Ninety-one 164 protesters, and counting, are currently signed on at the Facebook page. It reads:

Crash Harold Ford, Jr.'s Address to Stonewall Democrats NYC . . Stop this anti-gay candidate from running for the Senate in New York.

It would be hard to find a politician more two-faced than Harold Ford. Now he says he supports gay marriage and has always supported civil unions. Funny, we never heard anything like that back when Ford was bashing gays and voting for discrimination during his 2006 campaign for the senate here in Tennessee. In fact, liberals in Tennessee got so sick of Ford's gay bashing that many abstained from the senate vote that year.

As others have noted, New York ain't Tennessee, and Harold Ford is now clearly out of his league: "I don't think he's aware of what the gay community is like in New York," said Marty Algaze, a veteran of both LGBT and Democratic politics. "He's walking into a lion's den." It's high time that Harold Ford got some payback for being such a two-faced liberal-hating anti-choice homophobe. Bring it on!