Monday, January 11, 2010

Politics of the Ludicrous: Harold Ford Has Always Supported Abortion Rights

Gawd. That didn't take long. So now we are told that Harold Ford -- the famed pro life homophobe from Tennessee -- supports gay marriage and is pro choice too!

Yay! Harold Ford "has always supported abortion rights."

And we thought Mitt Romney was ludicrous. The hypocrisy is mind-bogglingly repulsive:

(While he described himself during the 2006 Senate race as “pro-life,” a Ford adviser maintained that it was an attempt to take back a term that he felt anti-abortion groups had unfairly appropriated. Mr. Ford, the adviser said, has always supported abortion rights.)

Harold Ford: "I'm Pro Life."

Harold Ford: "I won't let them paint me as someone I'm not."

"We're going to teach people the difference between right and wrong. How come your party hasn't offered legislation in the Congress and the Senate to outlaw abortions. We could have done this."
-- Harold Ford