Monday, January 25, 2010

John Edwards' Sleazy Sex Scandal Coming to Prime Time

It looks like beleagured Tiger Woods is about to get a break with the publication of Andrew's Young's tell-all book about scumbag John Edwards. The book will be released on January 30. It is appropriately titled: The Politician.

Young is the former obsessively loyal Edwards aide who claimed he was lover and sperm donor to Rielle Hunter in order to help get scumbag into the White House. (Apparently scumbag is so delusional and arrogant that he thinks he can make a comeback. )

Andrew Young will tell more on 20/20 this Friday. Reportedly, he will reveal more about the sex tape. I, for one, am hoping he spares us and doesn't talk about Edwards' physically striking endowment (see below). The very thought of it makes me want to vomit.

Gawker reports that he'll talk about the sex tape, which he apparently found while flipping through DVDs at Rielle Hunter's house. The tape was what caused the formerly die-hard loyalist to turn against his former idol. "It was kind of the last straw for people who had sacrificed savings and jobs to lie for John," a source told the site. But that's not the chilling part of this report. According to both of Gawker's sources, the tape at first stars mostly Edwards, who "is physically very striking, in a certain area."