Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Anti War Protesters Prepare to Confront New War President

The women for peace at Code Pink are preparing to confront the new war president. Anti war protesters will gather at the White House tonight. Yet more anti war protesters will be at West Point when the new war president shows up to peddle his war tonight.

Protests are scheduled at 40 cities including Allentown, Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Colorado Springs, Columbus OH, Detroit, Eugene OR, Greensboro, Harrisburg, Hartford, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Madison WI; Miami, New Haven, New Paltz, New York City, Newark, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland ME, Portsmouth NH, Richmond, San Francisco, Seattle, Teaneck NJ.

Last night Keith Olbermann directed one of his special comments toward a respectful disapproval of Obama's new war path. Surprisingly, Olbermann can disagree with a Democrat without getting vicious.

And in an open letter to President Obama, we learn that Michael Moore has had enough. Finally, Moore is disillusioned. It's anybody's guess what took him so long.