Friday, November 20, 2009

Sully's Magnificent Obsession

There really is no hope for Andrew Sullivan. After feverishly devouring Sarah Palin's book, Sully tried to write another chapter on Palin's "incredible fifth pregnancy," but alas, the man needs more material. Sarah's world is "so imaginary and magical," and she is such an "unbalanced, delusional, ambitious fanatic," that it is simply going to take Sully gawd knows how many more years to figure it all out.

He promises to pour over all available transcripts at Nexis and everywhere else and has put out a special request -- if you know anything at all about Sarah Palin's incredible magical pregnancy, please send him some mail (and your condolences):

Move on and forget about her? If only. Not just because she is a vital figure in this country's politics right now and one of the most dangerous demagogues this country has seen in a long time, but because I just want to know. I want to know what really lies under that facade.

I'm going to keep poring over transcripts, Nexis and anything else I can find to monitor this phenomenon - and its many tributaries and nuances and narratives. If you have any verifiable facts or objective evidence relating to "Going Rogue", you have my email address.

As Sarah Palin says she said to herself after her water broke in Dallas and contractions had started and she had given a speech while experiencing more contractions and skipped the reception before getting on a transcontinental air flight all the way from Dallas to Seattle, then Anchorage and then Wasilla,