Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sleazy Sexist Newsweek Features "Sarah Palin As Slutty School Girl Doll"

And I thought the cover of the latest Newsweek signaled a new low in what passes for American journalism. Hah. Inside the once reputable news magazine, readers are treated to the Sarah Palin-As-A-Slutty-Schoolgirl Doll! (p. 33, illustrating Christopher Hitchens’s article.) [via Media Matters]

Welcome to America. The miserable state of our media is surely just one more chapter in America's downward spiral.

There's more. The hormonal boys at Sleazy Newsweek also offer their unfortunate readers a photo of the former Governor's legs. That must be Newsweek editor Jon Meacham's drooling sons staring up Palin's skirt. No doubt this photo was shot by some clever Pulitzer Prize winning photographer. American journalism at its finest.

Heckuva job, Newsweek!

And it was only yesterday that Newsweek Joker Jon Meacham said with an apparent straight face that Newsweek chooses its photos according to "a gender neutral standard!"

Newsweek is a joke.

Yesterday I wrote an outraged letter to this pathetic sleazy "news" magazine. If I can find a phone number, today I'm going to call them.

The entire staff needs to resign and apply for jobs at the National Enquirer.

Write to the sleazy "journalists" at Newsweek:

See: Shakesville: Sarah Palin Sexism Watch, Part 28 / Atrios: Slutty Schoolgirl? Really? "Weekly newsmagazines are flopping around like a dying mackerel, and this week's Newsweek is Exhibit A."